For your convenience, claims may be reported directly to your insurance company.

You will find the toll-free number to your insurance company in the list below. If however, your insurance company is not listed below, please contact Allen Insurance Group at 888-395-9741 for more information.

AIG Truck Insurance Group (800) 426-3168
Allied Insurance Company (800) 282-9445
Allstate Insurance Company (800) 359-1000
American Interstate Insurance Company (800) 699-6240
American Southern Insurance Company (800) 241-1172
Canal Insurance Company (800) 452-6911
Capital City Insurance Company (800) 471-2103
Capital City Property & Casualty (800) 962-1625
Carolina Casualty (800) 874-8053
Cypress Insurance Company (800) 291-1104
Empire Fire & Marine (800) 228-9283
Eastern Atlantic Insurance Company (866) 239-2455
Falcon Trust (800) 382-2150
Fireman’s Fund Insurance Company (800) 282-6351
Foremost Insurance Company (800) 527-3907
General Casualty (800) 737-8256
Great American Insurance Companies (800) 584-0835
Great Central Insurance Company (877) 769-5953
Lexington Insurance Company (Day) (800) 426-3168
Lexington Insurance Company (Night) (800) 241-2541
Lloyds of London Physical Damage (800) 922-5536
Maxum Casualty Insurance Company (800) 598-6324
Northland Insurance Company (800) 328-5972
Ohio Casualty (800) 315-6090
Progressive Insurance Company (800) 776-4737
Redland Insurance Company (888) 802-5246
St Paul Travelers (800) 787-2851
Star Insurance (800) 825-9489
Summit (800) 762-7811
The Hartford (800) 585-0722
Victoria Insurance Group (800) 929-3168
Westchester Fire Insurance Company (877) 746-4640
Zurich North America (800) 987-3373

When reporting a claim, have this information available:

  • Name of the insured, company name (for commercial claims),insurance company, policy number, member I.D./group number (refer to your insurance card).
  • Insurance information for other individuals involved such as: full name, address, phone number, name of their insurance company, and policy number).
  • Date and time the incident occured.
  • Location of the incident.
  • Description of the incident.
  • Police report (if available).

What to do in case of an auto accident:

  • Check to see if anyone has been injured. If so, call for an ambulance immediately.
  • Notify the police.
  • If possible, move the vehicles to a safe place, out of the way of traffic.
  • Write down the names and addresses of all persons/witnesses involved in the accident. Also, record the license number of all vehicles involved.
  • DO NOT admit liability or discuss the accident with anyone other than the Police or an authorized representative of YOUR insurance agency / insurance company.
  • If you have a camera phone available, use it to photograph the scene of the accident and any damage caused.
  • Notify your insurance Agent or Company immediately.